Pure Poultry's convenience products

Are you looking for ready to eat poultry with great taste? Check out the Pure Poultry selection below.

Breaded chicken fillets – 150g

Breaded chicken goujons – 40g

Fried chicken breast skewers - 100g

Fried chicken breast skewers - 12g

Fried chicken breast skewers - 50g

Fried chicken breast skewers - 80g

Roasted chicken breast dices – 12mm

Roasted chicken breast fillets – 110-130g

Roasted chicken breast fillets – 70-90g

Roasted chicken breast fillets – 90-110g

Roasted chicken breast slices - 5mm

Roasted chicken breast strips - 10mm

Roasted chicken inner fillets

Southern fried fillets – 150g

Southern fried goujons – 40g

Crispy shredded chicken

Crispy Chicken burger - 100g

Crispy shredded chicken - Salt & Chili

Battered chicken goujons -40g

Battered chicken chunks - 25g

Battered chicken balls - 40g

Popcorn Chicken

Chicken Nuggets

Flash fried inner fillet parts 5-15g